From chisel to digital


Between Designing and Transforming

Founded in 1973 by Daniel Ehanno, an engraver trained at L'école Estienne in Paris, GEP adapted their traditional expertise to modern technology. 
With responsiveness, the company provides both technical and aesthetic skills, working with truly advanced manufacturing processes.
Our structure is designed to let us to handle each and every step of the production, from conception to realisation.
We are both designers and tool manufacturers, we combine artificial intelligence through the use of CAD, with the expertise and skills of our engravers and model makers. 

Our know-howndes

3D specimens and prototypes, machining of complex shapes and micro-machining.
Stamps, engraved moulded silicone or machined silicone, injection moulds.
Shell tools for marking soft bottles.
Master stamps, dies and stamps for watch cases, deep-drawing or stamping. Knurls, marks for alphabets or digits.
Coining dies for watch dials, hands and crowns.
Stampers, knurling tool holders or numbering tools.

Our resources

3D CAM stations.
PowerMill-PowerSHAPE pro-HyperMill.
Graphics specimen studio.
Communication interfaces in formats .stl, .obj, .iges, .dxf, .dwg, .step, .x_t, .vnd, .ai, .eps, .psd...
Laser and mechanical sensors for retro-engineering.
Structured light scan.
High-speed machining and milling machines, five simultaneous axes.
High-precision machining centre for hard metals (Ra 0.02).
NC lathes, erosion machining using hubbing and by wire.
Numerically controlled engraving machines.
Manual champlevé or fine cut engraving.

The industries we serve

Automobile manufacturing
Cosmetics and perfumery
Haute couture
Luxury watches and jewellery
Writing instruments
Bags and leather goods
Medical engineering